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Pizzeria Paradis restaurant Estartit l'Estartit


The Paradise of Frozen Pizzas

thanks to its cooling engine.



From QualEst

we say "NO",

"ZERO tolerance" with noisy and abusers people.  


Pizzeria Paradis Estartit Restaurant


Pizzeria Paradis l'Estartit soroll 2007


Paradis Pizzeria PROU ABUS







More than 15 years that we've been supporting the ENGINE or MOTOR OF REFRIGERATION for FROZEN PIZZAS and any food that they installed us in the our garden interior. They pulled the motor out front that annoyed people passing the Platja street and without asking or saying anything, they reinstalled in the inner part where we have the garden and the rooms. At first the noise was incredibly loud, the engine or motor was completely uncovered. Other neighbours who have rooms there (we don't say names) also they complained them. Talking to those from the pizzeria they were told us that these neighbours wanted to report them. But as he is also superior and above other people and the laws (and also is from "l'Est", local political party). Before wasting his money would stay like that. He indirectly asked if we wanted to pay him to cover the motor or engine (this is the way to treat the family, yes Lord!). Especially because my father sold him our zone where the engine is now installed because of his insistence and to do them a favor. I went to play at the wedding, in a small, wooden organ in Pals, and that work gave me at the end of the ceremony to play the "Tocata and Fuga en Re minor" by Bach and I was not asked them money or anything . Oh, greed. They will make a good signing those of the local party. So far we know of an activity incompatible with his position as a teacher in Pals. Third persons known are witnesses.


We tried to make a "good" arrangement, but at the end, they did not fix anything. Through the lawyer, we forced them to make walls first and later to cover some holes that they did on the median wall. Currently EVERY SUMMER, which is when one wants to go outside and open the windows, at night work again and DO NOISE. And as at home don't have to endure or pay the stories of other neighbours or other people until they stop, we will not stop complaining to return to the previous state of installation and location of this engine or motor. Perhaps the owner must have internalized with the time or with companies, the abuse of superiority, which witness we were, when his father, who was a teacher and beat the students that can,t control. And also his grandfather, a feared civil guard (police) in the area of ??La Bisbal, people remember him "on a horse with a bad face and a long cloak and tricorn (hat typical of Franco dictatorship)."


His wife is the one who gives the problems of continuing to bother, since perhaps they believe that they are superior to the other people, they are superior (click here), and for that reason they have the right to continue bothering. Her husband would be well to take her to school to teach her a good education and civility, and also to say some word in Catalan, as she has spent many years here. Our lawyer have came with the hands on the head after spoke with her, she criticized us a lot. She is from the same place that the other new arrival of folkloric-histrionic behaviour (the woman denounced by catalan handicap woman)... Both have characteristic behaviours that when someone complains to them, they are the victims and they are above the others (relations of equality nothing of nothing). They say things to you screaming or with bad manners. The incivism and the catalanphobia seem to be what they could be suffer. The most curious thing is that this "newcomer" are proud in front others of being "very hard-working" and in this particular case, so much WORKING so that they do NOT MAKE Handle PIZZAS and are THE PIZZAS FROZEN (that's why the noise of the refrigeration motor) and the customers and the tourists are complain, see below the comments they leave on their website. And also they complain of other frozen foods. In addition, it is clear that if today, August 26, 2017, they haven't responded to the criticisms of any of their clients with proofs such as "photos in the kitchen making the pizzas paste" or how he answers to one of the clients below, with "pics of his wife at eight in the morning making the pizzas paste", because if today it hasn't occurred and all the photos on their website are from the dishes already made, then it really is this noisy engine cools food very well and keeps all pizza and other foods frozen. See the web for example of the new pizzeria La Piccola (click here) in the Dr. Fleming Square, just few meters, the first year of opening and leaving the photos of the kitchen and the pizza paste. With words it is not enough, but after the lie (they know very larga and the way to speak and words) starts the clients telling them go home and they don't want them in their place. In the same way, they made us their relatives on the part of man.


If the town hall technicians did inspections that should do and these technicians did not dedicate what seems to themselves only for municipal matters (and / or for the rulers matters! ... this will be explained later with proof), then this kind of problems would not happen.



Like all this, it would not happen also if the Town Council demanded MORE QUALITY in food to establishments and restaurants. Therefore, tourists would be happier and would be more determined to return to this town where "NOT" do only business with them, also provide to them services and products as it should be.


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You can also click here to see opinions or reviews of the Pizzeria Eden in front of Paradís, same owners and same noisy cooling engine.



For this il.legal terrace located on the sidewalk of pedestrians and for don't disturb their customers and make more money they installed the noisy cooling motor where it gives our garden and rooms. All ilegal, motor, terrace, customers who complain that they serve frozen food ... and the municipal technicians where they stop ????

Note: Look at the photograph. It has a sign forbidden to park. Here they have been put (as he is from the East). Of course, you must have the sidewalk free each morning to stop the terrace and do not bother them.

And at night on the sidewalk of the pedestrians his waste bin .... but pulling towards the neighbor (like the noise of the engine). Above all, do not get tired of putting this container to the other across the street in front of the Spar supermarket, where there would not be pedestrians there. And "so much" workers that they are according to themselves (just as workers as the pizzas and frozen food with its noisy cooling engine).

Privileges taken outside the law (without regard to neighbors and pedestrians). This is the incivity of the authorities.

While proclaiming his motto: "L'Estartit we are all," when there are some with privileges and without respect to the Ordinances and the law, and the other subjects.

They should change the slogan

for another more realistic:

"We Are All That We Are Not".

Or another more humorous:

"The East from the West"

Estartit humor

Estartit humor

Coherence? Future? yours? People? Which? Yours?

They ask, how do they want the people? As if they would heed anyone other than themselves.

One wonders what content or meaning they attribute to their concepts and words they use. What CONGRUENCE they show between "THEIR" words and "THEIR" deeds. 



Below photos of a pizzeria a few meters (La Piccola) where they do the pizzas by hand and already the first year of opening appear photos of the kitchen and the mass, not like the pizzeria Paradís that many words and not a photo until this date. Now if they finally put one on their website, we will not believe it.


The impunity existing in l'Estartit makes any problem or abuse lasting more than "the dance of the hundred thousand Sundays" (click here)


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